Teen Russian lesbians kissing and touching

Teen Russian lesbians Natasha Shy and Sasha Blonde (wow, what a team) enjoy sensual kissing and touching.  Given how unbelievably beautiful these girls are and how touchably smooth their firm young bodies are it is little surprise they can’t keep their hands and mouths off of each other.  Indeed, while their incredibly prominent hard small nipples may be so erect from being naked outdoors in frigid Russia I prefer to think it is from the erotic excitement brought on from their sensual touching and kissing.  I can’t help but think they have some legitimate feelings for one another judging from how tenderly they hold hands, hug and kiss.

It is interesting that these two lovers should choose to get bare naked and cuddly in such a frigid environment.  This adorable blonde and brunette couple’s tight bodies must barely weigh over 200 lbs combined, hardly suited for the weather.  Perhaps they stripped as an excuse to cuddle together to lock in the precious heat given off by their sexy slim figures.  And if you were to find yourself nude in the Russian wilds who better than one of these two girls to exchange body heat with?  Or better yet, both of them!

These Teen Russian lesbians outdoor adventures in sensual kissing and touching are further chronicled at Natasha Shy’s website.  Here is a free NatashaShy.com tour available for your perusal.

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