Sexy blonde and brunette having lesbian fun

Sexy blonde and brunette from having lesbian fun in Russia.  There is little as hot as the contrast of a couple of cute salt-and-pepper lesbos going at each others snatches.  While there is that difference in looks there is a definite symmetry to their actions that hints that this isn’t their first time together.  And if you had a girlfriend that could deliver easy going lesbian pleasure to your delicate pussy it only makes sense to go back to that well over and over again.

Much like photo negatives of each other, they can anticipate what the other wants because it is what she yearns for too.  This seems to be the source of their mirrored actions, from removing the others panties simultaneously to the synchronized dildos going in and out of pussy.  This symmetric phenomena culminates in a sexy sixty-nine with each girl probing all the right spots with her tongue.  Alternating gentle kissing, more forcible licking and full on eating of pussy.  This delivery of multiple sensations creates a feedback loop, one girl feels something being done to her pussy she likes and quickly emulates it on her lovers dainty regions.  Pretty hot really.

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